Cactus Grafting: Lophophora Williamsii to Trichocereus Candicans as a Quick Propagation Approach

It is attractive to use a host plant such as Trichocereus candicans for grafting functions to speed up growth styles for cactus this sort of as Lophophora williamsii. Trichocereus candicans is favored as a host plant more than San Pedro or other individuals for the following reasons:

one. Candicans is a smaller sized plant with a smaller sized root program and much more button grafts might be achieved in a considerably smaller room.

2. Candicans vegetation do nicely in medium sized pots for a lot of several years and the complete assortment can be lightweight and transportable.

3. The respective diameters of the two vegetation are a lot more closely matched for less difficult grafting.

After a one button of Lophophora williamsii is grafted to a limb of Trichocereus candicans, it will undergo phenomenal expansion. New Lophophora williamsii heads will grow out of the facet areoles of the major grafted head. After these facet growing “pups” attain the size required to match the limb diameter of a Trichocereus candicans, these may possibly be lower off and grafted to a new limb. Because the expansion energy of the host plant is blocked and terminated with a button head, the development of a new limb from the foundation of the plant normally occurs swiftly. As quickly as this new limb reaches sufficient height and diameter, one of the pups might be reduce off and grafted onto the conclude of this limb. The aim is to constantly hold blocking any vertical expansion of the Trichocereus candicans limbs. This accomplishes two factors:

one. Quicker compelled progress of the button grafts and the formation of three or far more aspect pups at the areole factors are accomplished.

2. Speedy development of new limbs for new grafts using these pups is also developed.

The Trichocereus candicans makes an attempt to bypass the energy blocking grafts by forming new limbs. Soon after the formation of a new limb, a few inches or more might be lower off the leading of it. This limb is now ready to receive a graft.

After a graft has “taken” and button expansion is obvious, any Trichocereus candicans limb with a button earlier grafted to it could be severed a number of inches or much more underneath the button and set apart in a warm shady spot for two weeks so that the wound could have time to callous up. Then this very same limb may possibly be put in a pot. The Trichocereus candicans will create new roots and the total method begins above yet again. From a single button head grafted onto a one Trichocereus candicans limb, the progress method will just take off at an exponential rate. San Pedro UK Starting up with only a couple of buttons of Lophophora williamsii, inside a couple of several years these could flip into a hundred.


Reduce a button off as straight and flat as possible with a brand new carton knife blade (accessible at components shops) and do the exact same to a Trichocereus candicans limb. Position the cut on each and every plant so that the diameters of the cuts are equal or that the button reduce is slightly smaller sized in diameter. Set them with each other and weight the leading of the button with a modest piece of rock slate. If this is not ample fat to firmly press the button down, incorporate an additional rock to the top of the slate. Experimentation and exercise will sooner or later get it appropriate. Permit them keep like this for at least 7 times, soon after which the rocks may possibly be taken out. The graft may possibly not in fact “consider” (the place you can see symptoms of growth) for yet another two -three months.

Even inadequately completed grafts with only 1 50 percent or much less of the surfaces hooked up have been seen to operate. These just take for a longer time to turn out to be recognized, but when the relationship is created, they will consider off as properly as the other people.

Once a man or woman will get the hold of it, it is very easy. A single graft can be carried out in below 5 minutes. Buttons developed in this method can be envisioned to increase in diameter at the approximate fee of one particular inch for every year, not to point out the numerous aspect pups which are also growing at the identical phenomenal fee!

All vegetation should be shaded. A white bed sheet stapled to a light-weight wooden body functions effectively. This allows them to get plenty of gentle for development with out burning them. They adore intensive heat (80° to 100°F). It is at this time that progress is most magnificent.

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